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Well the FedEx guy fucked me again. Left a door tag on my gate at 8:00 last night. Guess he just didn't want to drive up the road that late. On my way to Socorro now can't put the machine back together, but gotta have it moved by tomorrow. Can't work that part of the river from April 15 until September, gotta give the birds privacy so they can procreate.

At least I'll be done quick, maybe have some trout for supper tonight. My sister has been up to Manzano a few times the last couple of months and caught her limit of decent size fish. My buddy that's breaking the equipment down in Socorro has pulled some nice catfish from the Rio Grande.

One of these days when you're out 4wheeling I'd like to follow you around, bought a Landcruiser a couple weeks ago and been wanting to cruise some trails.
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