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Default Where the deer and the antelope play!

Well, I tried something different this year. I got my draw applications in just under the wire (22 March deadline) for deer and antelope.

I put in for units closer to home, so I might have a chance to do some scouting during the summer and early fall instead of driving 5 hours to a huge area I know little about.

The deer application is for the unit I cut wood in. The best way for me to call the deer in is to fire up a chainsaw. They aren't bothered by the chainsaw cutting wood. They walk right up to watch what's going on.

I'm not quite sure what will happen with the antelope draw, since I've never put in for it before. The way it works is that you choose an area, and if you are drawn, Game and Fish will assign a ranch to hunt on. Then, you are only allowed to scout for 2 days prior to the hunt, which lasts only 3 days. I could drive through the public right-of-ways and scout that way to get a good idea where they hang out, though.

Also, all hunting licenses and permits are 50 percent off in New Mexico this year for Veterans and active duty military.
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