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Originally Posted by Pogo View Post
Here are my favorite .22LR firearms. Both highly accurate.

My 10/22 has a hammer forged target barrel. I have an old Japanese made Tasco red dot on it. It is about as good as any target red dot there is. It is one of my first red dot sights. I don't think much of the new Tasco red dots, they are made in China. I also installed a Volquartsen bolt release (big improvement over original) and a Volquartsen Magazine release.

My MKII has a bull barrel and fitted with an UltraDot Matchdot sight. It is one of the favorite by competition paper punchers.

On a good day I can put 10 rounds out of either and cover all shots with a quarter at 50 feet while standing.

A couple of fine pieces. Can't beat Ruger...


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