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Originally Posted by MrKalashnikov View Post
I recall my old man saying a number of Marine grunts he served with in the Pacific were issued with the military Ithaca 12 gauges. Apparently they were effective in dealing with Mr Moto at close ranges in the jungle, especially during ambushes.
I had one in Nam for a few weeks and turned it in for a M-16. It was "Shotgun Kelly's" and he had just left our platoon for the LRRPs and I grabbed it.
Kelly grew up in Africa with his dad who was a hunting guide he knew his way around the bush. Now he is some Fed. Marshall or something?
I saw him at the reunion a few years back and told him I ditched his shotgun. Holy sheet I thought he was going to cave my head in.
Damn like calm down dude.
God Bless Americas Veterans. All who are serving and have served.
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